Hi, I’m John (JB) and thanks for visiting hairforkeeps.com!

This site shares information I’ve gathered through research and personal experience. I’m a guy who, like many, tried many different approaches to find a hair loss treatment that actually works – and that I could afford! After much frustration I finally found a combination of affordable products that worked like a charm.

I’m keeping an open mind and staying on top of the latest information out there. I suspect a very effective hair loss treatment to come in one product in the near future, and it’s probably going to involve stem cells or PGD2 (prostaglandin D2 ).

I am NOT a doctor and I don’t work in a medical profession. I am not pushing any one product as part of any marketing plan or promotion. I’m simply a regular guy who didn’t give up on trying to stop my hair loss and find a way to grow back the hair I lost.

This Resource

The primary reason I created this web resource is to share information related to growing hair back and fighting hair loss, as well as information on other hair-related topics – and to save others valuable research time. People who are close to me and know about the process I went through have told me time and time again “You have to let other people know about this so they can try it!”

After many emails and comments I came to enjoy working on this site in my spare time. I’ve decided to continue adding more hair-related information on here and eventually become a go-to online resource. The goal for this site is to maintain existing knowledge, and provide information regarding new research, treatments and advancements in hair growth and health.

This website will stick to what CAN be done.

The products I use and how I use them are also explained on this site.

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