Alpecin Review – Get the Facts

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo is made up of a caffeine enhanced formula that immediately provides the hair roots with ingredients that help counteract premature hair loss, strengthen hair and speed up hair growth. For those of you unfamiliar with the effective use of caffeine to stop hair loss, the Alpecin review below will explain it’s prognosis for helping hair to grow stronger, faster and thicker. Alpecin is also an ideal shampoo to use as part of an affordable routine to fight hair loss like the daily treatment outlined in this article.

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If you’ve never tried this shampoo, or are considering trying it, this Alpecin review should help you decide if it’s the next product you’ll be adding to your routine.

Alpecin Review

Does Alpecin Work?

After using Alpecin for only a few months, there were obvious results. I noticed within the first few weeks that my hair wasn’t breaking off like it used to, and it already had more of a natural shine. Most importantly, it’s reduced the numbers of hairs that I lose. I rarely see hairs in my hands, or in the sink and shower like I used to. In my humble opinion, does Alpecin work? YES, it works! So basically, Alpecin not only serves to reduce hair loss, but also promotes healthier, shinier hair.

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I’ll be honest – I had my doubts at first, and was on the fence as to whether or not Alpecin was a gimmick. I’m big on sticking with what I know is a solid product and works, like Lipogaine for my minoxidil fix. However, after a great deal of research and few years of use, I am totally sold and will definitely continue to use this shampoo. I had to use a shampoo anyway, so naturally I am quite pleased to find one that helps me keep my hair. It’s also worth mentioning that I scoured the internet reading information from others who have written about their results in an Alpecin Review, and almost all of these reviews have been very encouraging.

NOTE: I think it’s very important to understand the purpose of this shampoo. Alpecin reduces hair loss and strengthens existing weak hairs or hair roots. It is NOT a hair growth product like Lipogaine. For this reason, it is perfect as a regular shampoo to use with a daily hair loss treatment routine.

Alpecin is affordable

This site focuses on affordable ways to deal with hair loss, and let’s face it; shampoo is something we all use anyway. Alpecin is not that much more expensive than a decent regular shampoo, whereas most other shampoo products designed to battle hair loss cost quite a bit more.

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The caffeine complex used in Alpecin is an active ingredient formula from caffeine, the trace element zinc, vitamin A and niacin.

How does Alpecin work?

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo C1 contains caffeine that helps to stimulate hair growth directly at the roots. Caffeine promotes hair growth and has been proven to reduce hereditary hair loss. The main culprit of hereditary hair loss is DHT, and once inside the hair follicle, caffeine counters harmful effects of DHT.

Studies were performed in a Hair Organ Culture Model (HOCM ) at the Division of Dermatology and Allergies of Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany (Dr. T. W. Fischer, Prof. Dr. P. Elsner). According to research done at the University of Jena, hair follicles that were treated with caffeine showed a highly significant growth rate after 24 hours, and further significant growth was observed after eight days.

The measurement of total culture time in the HOCM yielded further evidence that caffeine exerts a positive effect on the vitality of hair roots. The hair follicles exposed to caffeine under culture conditions exhibited a 37% longer lifetime in comparison with the control.

This information has been used to create Alpecin. Special carriers have been developed by Alpecin to allow the caffeine complex to be delivered directly into the hair roots.

Alpecin Caffeine penetrates even though the shampoo is rinsed out. In just a short time (2 min), caffeine travels along the hair shaft directly into the hair follicles. The caffeine complex remains on the scalp for 24 hours, which effectively blocks the formation of DHT that causes hair follicle shrinkage. If you leave the shampoo on your hair for longer more caffeine will be absorbed into the scalp.

The shampoo has passed all the dermatological tests and therefore suitable for all skin types and especially for sensitive skin. If you’re keen on making your own natural caffeine shampoo, a simple recipe for a homemade coffee oil Shampoo can be found in this article on using caffeine to regrow hair.

Alpecin is developed for men, but appropriate for women

This shampoo is particularly suitable for men, because male pattern baldness leaves men looking for a shampoo that can reduce hair loss and strengthen hair that has already started to thin. Alpecin products were specifically developed for the requirements of male scalps, and have a masculine fragrance and container. Also, based on the intentional omission of softeners such as silicone, the hair structure improves after just a few hair washes – with the added bonus of enhanced hair grip. Fine and weakened hair becomes stronger and can be styled better.

Many women also suffer from hair loss or may simply want a shampoo to promote hair growth, and for this reason may also want to use Alpecin. The caffeine-based active ingredient complex is also effective in women, and the product can also be used by women. There is absolutely no reason why this product would not be just as effective on a woman’s scalp as it is on a man’s. Throughout my research of Alpecin, and looking for the answer to the question “does Alpecin work?”, I noticed that many women have written an Alpecin review to express how they have used this shampoo with very positive results.

How to use Alpecin:

A daily wash with Alpecin C1 Shampoo immediately provides the hair roots with the activating ingredient. Alpecin Caffeine shampoo Hair Energizer is detectable after being left on for as little as 2 minutes. That’s right, the shampoo simply needs to be left in the hair for two minutes for the active ingredients to be absorbed into the scalp. If you have the time to leave it in longer, even more caffeine will be absorbed into the scalp.

NOTE*: I should mention that I use Alpecin on the days when I don’t use Nizoral shampoo. Nizoral has become a very important part of my hair loss routine, and alternating it with Alpecin is an excellent way to make regular shampooing count towards my fight against hair loss!

What would an Alpecin review be without explaining how easy it is to use? – Here are the simple instructions I follow for using Alpecin:

• Distribute shampoo evenly into your hands.
• Massage into your wet hair.
• Leave on the scalp for 2 minutes, from application to rinse.
• Rinse thoroughly.
• Repeat if necessary.

Alpecin is perfect to use with minoxidil and trichogen

The main reason I first decided to try Alpecin caffeine shampoo is that it does not contain dimethicone – a silicone-based compound that has a lubricating, moisturising effect. This coating would make it more difficult for minoxidil or trichogen to be absorbed into the scalp, especially if you apply these treatments after you wash your hair.

Dimethicone is often added to a shampoo or conditioner, because the lubricant helps to de-tangle the hair, and replace the effect of any natural oils that may get washed out of the hair. However, Dimethicone can be a problem if you use topical treatments such as trichogen or minoxidil. This is because dimethicone can coat the scalp, and prevent topical treatments from being absorbed into the scalp.

I can use Alpecin as my regular shampoo and not worry about it blocking the absorption of the minoxidil and trichogen products I use daily to treat hair loss – Lipogaine, Kirkland Minoxidil and ProFolla AnaStim Ha. This fact, my personal satisfaction with Alpecin as a shampoo that effectively treats hair loss and it’s lower cost is why I thought an Alpecin review was very appropriate for this web site.

If you are a regular user of minoxidil or another topical treatment, and shampoo or condition your hair before applying it, you may really want to give Alpecin a try.

Where to purchase Alpecin?

Alpecin shampoo is readily available online and at some hair salons and local stores, but I purchase this product strictly from Amazon. I have had excellent experiences buying Alpecin, and many other products for that matter, from Amazon, and it’s easy to find it in stock. Add the fact that delivery is fast and convenient, and I simply have no reason to purchase it anywhere else.


The first and primary purpose of Alpecin shampoo is to prevent genetic hair loss. Based on my own personal experience and on what others who have written an Alpecin review have to say, it does a very good job of fulfilling this purpose. Alpecin shampoo contains caffeine that helps to strengthen the hair follicles from inside, and can cancel the undesirable effects of DHT. I never thought I would have been onboard with using a caffeine product to battle hair loss, but this goes to show, an open mind to trying all options can be a very good thing!

This shampoo also provides additional benefits, as it makes an ideal solution for dandruff, itchy skin and weakening of hair.

Alpecin is affordable, easy to purchase from Amazon, and does not interfere with the absorption of minoxidil or trichogen. Also, since shampoo is a product we all use regularly anyway, it costs very little to add Alpecin to any routine for treating hair loss.

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