Lipogaine Review – Treatment to Regrow Hair

Lipogaine is a treatment solution to fight hair loss. What sets it apart from so many other similar treatments is that it works by both reducing DHT levels AND stimulating hair growth. Lipogaine combines hair growth stimulator, proprietary herbal blend DHT blockers and Vitamins into one formula. This can save the consumer a lot of money by getting more of what is needed to fight hair loss in one product. This Lipogaine review is an overview of my experience with this product.

I’ve used several of the well-known minoxidil solutions, and Lipogaine packs a lot more value into the bottle. That’s how it delivers the double punch to address hair loss. Another great perk is that over at Lipogaine, they carry a version of their minoxidil products for both men and women to accommodate different hair loss needs. Here’s all you need to know about Lipogaine.

Lipogaine Review

Lipogaine has been the most effective hair loss product I have used. Let me explain:

Does Lipogaine work?

In short – yes! I’ve tried many types of hair loss treatments over the years, as explained on this web resource, and the minoxidil solution provided in Lipogaine simply excels over all the other options in practically every area. (Minoxidil is the only FDA approved ingredient for hair re-growth as of today. Minoxidil has been proven to stimulate hair growth through rigorous clinical studies.) After using Lipogaine every day for the first year, the results I gained over using just a plain minoxidil product were more impressive than I could have imagined.

I noticed early results after just the first 4 months and it has continued to maintain and thicken my hair. My balding started on the left and right of my hairline and in the back top area. When I started applying Lipogaine as a part of my treatment routine, the hairline and thinning top forcefully grew back in a short time. I’ve gotten comments from my spouse, hairdresser, family and friends. There is no room for doubt in my situation. This Lipogaine review is honest and positive, and when people ask, “Does Lipogaine work?” … I have a lot to tell them! My daily hair treatment routine worked very well, and Lipogaine plays a huge role in its success.

Lipogaine Before and After Image from

Lipogaine before and after 6 months

Lipogaine before and after

How does Lipogaine work?

High levels of DHT can have negative effects on hair health. DHT attaches itself to hair follicles and deprives them of nutrition, causing them to shrink, and eventually fall out. This leaves only two options: Reduce DHT level, or stimulate growth despite it. Lipogaine does both. It stimulates hair growth and reduces DHT level by combining minoxidil and proven natural DHT blockers into one convenient solution. The ingredient profile of Lipogaine is excellent, and I have researched this to get a better understanding of the importance of each. I highly recommend that you do the same. I also find it helpful to research what other users of a product have to say, and you’d be hard pressed to find a Lipogaine review that wasn’t positive.

Lipogaine is easy to apply

Lipogaine is applied to dry hair (or towel dried hair less than 2 inch long). You can wash your hair 3 hours after applying the solution. The included dropper applicator makes Lipogaine easy to use. Just fill the dropper up to the desired amount, and proceed to move the dropper close to the area you wish to treat. Slowly squeeze the solution out, so that it does not run directly off the scalp. Be sure the solution comes into contact with the scalp and not just the hair, this is crucial so that the solution can be absorbed into the scalp around the thinning areas. I use my fingers tips to rub it into my scalp and the whole process just takes a few minutes. Sometimes Lipogaine leaves a little residue, but I use it at night before I go to bed and wash it out in the morning. The few times I have used it during the day it’s never been noticeable, especially if I just use a little gel. Also, this product has no smell.

Use Lipogaine daily as part of a hair loss treatment routine for best results

Although this article is a Lipogaine review, I should point out that I use it consistently as a part of my daily routine. This includes Lipogaine, generic minoxidil, finasteride and trichogen to achieve my results. Again, it’s important to be consistent in the applications. Trichogen is a combination of eighteen plus herbal extracts that puts hair back in to the anagen, or growth phase. I use “ProFolla AnaStim Ha” from Amazon for a trichogen product and find it excellent. Also, It is recommended that minoxidil be applied twice a day, so to save money, I occasionally use Kirkland Generic Minoxidil as one of those applications. You can read my Kirkland Minoxidil Review for more information. Using Lipogaine at least once a day has worked incredibly well for me and I can’t say enough good things about this product.

For both men and women

Lipogaine conveniently comes in two formulas from Lipogaine online: a 5% minoxidil solution for men and a 2% minoxidil solution for women. Women are usually more sensitive to the side effects of minoxidil in decreasing blood pressure and have a higher chance of getting light-headed from the medication.

Lipogaine side effects

The great thing about Lipogaine is that compared to pill treatments like Propecia, Lipogaine side effects are very minimal …if you experience any at all. The most common side effects are itching and scalp irritation of the treated area that may be caused by the propylene glycol. If irritation of the scalp persists, don’t continue to use Lipogaine until you get the advice of a doctor. This is a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning that this product contains alcohol, so avoid getting it into your eyes. Finally, although it’s rare, some people may experience chest pain, faintness, or dizziness. If this happens, you should clearly stop using the product right away!

Lipogaine side effects are such a small issue, that this was the only hair loss product for which the side effects had no negative impact on my decision to use it whatsoever. I wouldn’t have mentioned them, but since this is a Lipogaine review, I thought it best to include all relevant information.

Lipogaine has a version for men and women with sensitive scalps

Lipogaine Sensitive

Lipogaine for Sensitive Scalps

In case you have an allergy to regular liquid minoxidil, Lipogaine has a sensitive scalp version available. It comes in blue colored packaging for both the men’s and women’s version (see image above). Lipogaine states that “this product is free of the ingredients that cause scalp irritation in 98% of people”, so they’ve got you covered!

As mentioned above, there are very few Lipogaine side effects, but there can be occasional itching and scalp irritation. This would most likely occur with people who have sensitive scalps, and Lipogaine obviously took this into consideration and developed this version of their product as an alternative. It’s great to see a company look out for the need of ALL their customers!

Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo – Completing the Solution

Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo

Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo

Lipogaine also provides an excellent shampoo solution – the Lipogaine Big 3 Shampoo. It contains a blend of natural ingredients, and focuses on the main 3: Biotin, caster oil and emu oil. These 3 ingredients have been shown to be effective in fighting hair loss and combined with vitamins and extracts, they make the Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo a great option to work into your regular routine.

This shampoo is meant for using around 3-4 times per week and would be an excellent choice to rotate with another shampoo such as Alpecin., which fights hair loss though its caffeine ingredient.

The Lipogaine Big 3 shampoo is very well reviewed across the web by a great many users, and they claim to also like the scent and feel of their hair after its use. This may definitely be worth checking out as another tool to keep hair loss at bay and adding to the affordable resources at your disposal.

Where to purchase Lipogaine?

I always purchase Lipogaine from the Lipogaine website. Delivery has been fast and I have never had issues with any Lipogaine order. All Lipogaine products are available and they offer free domestic shipping.

I’m fine with always purchasing from Lipogaine directly because they are prompt, respond to inquiries right away, and are a pleasure to deal with. I also love that they accept PayPal. The feature included in PayPal to not pay until you receive the order is fantastic.


Lipogaine works far better than any of the hair growth products I have tried. It’s easy to apply, easy to purchase from Lipogaine’s online store, and has little to no side effects. By using it with finasteride, hair loss shampoos and reinforcing with products such as trichogen, found in ProFolla AnaStim Ha, I have restored my hair to a point where it’s barely noticeable that my hair is any thinner than it was 15 years ago. Keep in mind I have used it both on its own and with a few other products – it makes a big difference in both situations.

As explained throughout this website, hair growth is a slow process and you’ll need to be patient and consistent to obtain results. That being said, the results I began to see after 4 months of using Lipogaine blew me away and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a solid, effective product to treat hair loss. If you came here looking for an honest Lipogaine review, I can tell you from personal experience, this stuff really works.

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